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Ian Shulman
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Automate tasks with the help of AI

In today's business world, fast and secure access to relevant information is crucial. To help companies meet this challenge, we have developed a state-of-the-art chatbot that combines the OpenAI models with the proven security and flexibility of Microsoft technologies. In this short article, you will learn how you can increase your efficiency and transform information processes with our chatbot.

Our goal is to revolutionize the interaction with the diverse data within a company. The chatbot can access any type of data - be it PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, database or website - and use the information it contains to answer user questions. Your data remains secure in your Azure tenant and is not accessed or used by OpenAI or Microsoft.

This way, you can provide your employees with a tool that easily generates suitable answers based on your own data - without having to spend hours searching for the right documents. All you have to do is ask the chatbot a question. The answers are generated in the language of the question, regardless of the document language. Time-consuming translations of your documentation are therefore a thing of the past.

The chatbot is able to answer specific questions based on your data and also summarize long texts. Numerical data can also be retrieved and analyzed by the chatbot, including the interpretation of financial figures and the relationships between them. You can also generate texts such as templates, descriptions, etc. based on a specific template.

You can also see short examples from everyday business life in our 6-minute video:

The chatbot can be easily accessed via a web app that is integrated into Microsoft Teams or other channels. With either option, the chatbot is only accessible to your employees. We will be happy to help you set up the chatbot quickly, tailor its performance to your needs and expectations and add any additional functions you require. Just get in touch with us.


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Ian Shulman
Ian Shulman
Data Scientist
celver AG

Ian Shulman is a Data Scientist at celver with a particular focus on text generation using Large Language Models. He focuses on simplifying complex and cumbersome processes through machine learning approaches and using data science methods to extract new insights from the data.

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