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The importance of the supply chain has long been underestimated

The supply chain is the core that is central to the economic success of a company. For a long time, the objective was primarily cost minimization, which no longer makes sense in today's volatile markets and increasing supply chain problems. In the future, it will be necessary to create resilient supply chains that achieve a healthy balance between cost and risk. A rethink is required and new metrics are needed to, among other things, make risks measurable - e.g. through TTR (time-to-recover), TTS (time-to-survive) or PI (performance impact).

In addition, it is becoming crucial to be able to react quickly to unforeseen developments. Simulations and the creation of alternative scenarios are elementary in order to enable the short-term evaluation of changes on the entire supply chain end-to-end and to act accordingly. This usually requires new, agile software solutions that represent a digital twin of the supply chain and provide the basis for rapid responsiveness.

We are happy to support you in overcoming these challenges with innovative solution approaches. Regardless of whether it is a matter of setting up new key performance indicator systems, defining planning processes or implementing agile planning systems, our experts create added value.

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Planning (S&OP)

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Supply Chain

Legal requirements for supply chain transparency and the increasing importance of risk assessment call for new approaches to supply chain analysis. Learn more here...

Demand planning

Demand planning bridges the gap between sales forecasts, orders received and current inventories. With the right KPIs, it ensures the company's ability to deliver. Learn more here...


Lean inventory management is important to remain competitive. Current KPIs and modern data science approaches help to find the right order quantity and allocation. Learn more here...


Modern planning and simulation solutions make it possible to run through various scenarios for capacity planning in order to prepare optimally for unforeseen events. Learn more here...

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