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Let your architecture grow with your data

Sound, secure information must be generated from data at the right time - this is Smart Data. In today's age of data overload, this represents an enormous task for existing IT architectures.
Are you also facing the challenge of putting your company's information supply on a new footing?

Then a smart data architecture is exactly the right support for you. A smart data architecture supports you in integrating, storing and delivering the information. Don't worry, no big bang is necessary - smart architectures shine with sensible scalability and the flexibility to be easily extended...

It is important to fill and orchestrate the respective areas from the following diagram appropriately and meaningfully for the specific use case, because there is no "one-size-fits-all approach" in the smart data environment.

‍Thechallenge: What is the right solution for me?

As opportunities increase, so does the challenge of making the right technology choices. Abundance, and no longer scarcity, has become the limiting factor. The meaningfulness and benefits of the respective technology must also be questioned. The following questions arise:

  • Which technology is right for me? (Right-Time Data Handling, Batch or Streaming)
  • When does the use of cloud resources make sense? (Cloud-On-Demand, Serverless, Functions, etc.)
  • How can I address the issue?
  • What is important to consider regarding the cost model?

Our offer: Small steps to success

This is where we offer you the right start. Convinced that the all-encompassing top-down digitization strategy does not always have to be the first step, we have put together small packages that allow you to approach the challenge step by step. Just get in touch with us.

The highlights in brief

  • Smart data means being able to generate sound and secure information from data at the right time.
  • Smart data architectures support the integration, storage and provision of information.
  • Suitable technologies must be individually orchestrated for this purpose.
  • We are happy to support you with over 20 years of experience.



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