Smart Cloud


Designing cloud infrastructures efficiently


Exploiting the full potential of the cloud

The cloud is at the heart of the digital era - with Smart Cloud Services, we specialize in the design, implementation and management of cloud infrastructures that will not only last today, but also tomorrow.

Cloud adoption: the secure path to the cloud

Our approach to cloud adoption aims to provide you with a seamless transition to the cloud. We provide you with a customized roadmap that takes into account your specific business goals and ensures a smooth integration of your existing systems. We rely on proven strategies to guide you safely and efficiently to the cloud.

Cloud engineering: your cloud, our craft

With our cloud engineering service, we bring technical excellence to your cloud projects. Our engineers design and develop highly available, scalable and secure cloud architectures that optimally support your applications and data. We ensure that your cloud environment is designed with precision and according to the latest technology standards.

Cloud Design: Cloud navigation with precision and vision

The design of your cloud environment is crucial to the success of your digital transformation. We design cloud solutions that are not only functional, but also future-proof. Through the interplay of business processes and functionality, we create cloud environments that optimally support your business processes and inspire your users.

Operational excellence: top quality for your business

Operational excellence is the foundation of our cloud philosophy. We ensure that your cloud infrastructure runs smoothly, offers maximum performance and is continuously optimized.

‍IaC: The revolution in your infrastructure management

With Infrastructure as Code (IaC), we are revolutionizing the way IT infrastructures are managed and provisioned. By automating provisioning, we enable fast, consistent and error-free processes. Our experts use state-of-the-art tools and practices to make your infrastructure agile, flexible and scalable.

The highlights in brief

  • The cloud plays a decisive role in the digital transformation
  • In order to utilize the potential of the cloud, a suitable IT architecture and sensible design of the cloud environment are required
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) offers completely new possibilities for the automation of processes

Our clients


celver Webinar on AWS Cloud Infrastructure for Data Science
TWDI Virtual II 2022
Hendrik Hagen
Dr. Simon Raschke
Webinar on demand

AWS Cloud Infrastructure for Data Science Dashboard

Navigator to the Data-driven Company

celver webinar on building a real-time analytics platform
Webinar on demand
Julian Ereth
Julian Schütt
Hendrik Hagen
Webinar on demand

Establishment of a real-time analytics platform

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