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Supply chain planning in the pharmaceutical industry is a complex task that presents a number of specific challenges. One important aspect is the strict regulation of the industry. Global and regional regulations influence the manufacturing, packaging, storage and transportation of medicines, and compliance with them is a major hurdle.

In addition, quality assurance measures play a crucial role. The supply chain must be able to guarantee the quality of the products throughout transportation and storage. Added to this is the complexity of supply chains: with a multitude of partners, suppliers and distribution centers on a global scale, the difficulty in planning and coordination increases significantly.

Complicating matters further, many pharmaceuticals have a limited shelf life, further complicating production, storage and supply planning. The availability and quality of raw materials can also have an impact on the supply chain, especially if they come from geopolitically unstable regions.

Another crucial aspect is the traceability of products. If there is a problem with a drug, it must be possible to identify the source quickly and reliably. Likewise, forecasting demand is often difficult, especially with new drugs or in crisis situations such as a pandemic.

Overall, effective supply chain planning and implementation in the pharmaceutical industry requires a high level of coordination, accurate forecasting, and compliance with strict regulatory and quality standards. Against the backdrop of these challenges, we support with the implementation of powerful planning solutions.

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