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Strategic impulses

Important impulses for corporate management

The role of the finance and controlling department has changed significantly. For a long time now, it has not only had to deliver figures and ensure profitability. Especially when it comes to strategic decisions, it has become an important source of impetus for the company. To this end, the internal finance experts must above all assess the future prospects of the company in a valid and comprehensible manner in order to enable targeted coordination.

All these tasks require not only a comprehensive understanding of the company's needs, but also innovative approaches to solutions. We are happy to support you in this. Regardless of whether it's a matter of setting up a holistic management model or digitizing the analysis and planning processes involved - we are at your side with experienced experts.

Our CFO Services

Financial planning

Financial planning shows how dynamic changes affect the company's financial situation. This is made possible with comprehensive, integrated planning. Learn more here...


Profitability analysis is the central element for managing the company's profit. It reflects the internal view of the company's performance and helps to identify profit pearls and value destroyers. Learn more here...


Effective workforce planning today requires end-to-end solutions from capacity determination to approval to integrated personnel costing. Learn more here...

Cost Accounting
& Calculation

Cost accounting is essential for internal control. With many stakeholders, a clear, preferably automated planning process is critical to success. Learn more here...


In order to secure the company's liquidity, integrated planning is required with up-to-date figures from all areas of the company and a high degree of planning accuracy. Learn more here...

reporting & dashboarding

A good dashboard provides a quick overview of the company's situation and enables detailed analyses in the event of anomalies. Learn more here...

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