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In various projects over the past few years, we have successfully supported customers in the fashion industry with tailor-made solutions to meet complex planning requirements.

The challenges here are enormous due to the very dynamic assortments and, at the same time, mostly long procurement routes and times. Depending on the customer and the business model, the collections are updated at least every six months, often even monthly or even more frequently.

The underlying complex planning processes have to be coordinated across departments and usually have to be carried out continuously, which means that the potential for increasing efficiency is enormous with good tool support. From strategic planning to financial planning, merchandise planning, assortment planning, purchasing planning to store allocation and replenishment, we support the design and implementation of integrated planning solutions.

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client testimonial

Bernhard Westphal
Senior Director Planning & Allocation
Takko Fashion
It was amazing how fast the solution with Board was implemented by celver in intensive cooperation with us. We had very specific requirements for the MFP solution and honestly, we were surprised that we already didn't have to plan the next season with Excel.
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Respond to the unexpected with agile, integrated planning.

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Case Study

Category and assortment planning

Takko Fashion

Development of a Merchandise Financial Planning solution (MFP) within three months. This was followed by the implementation of assortment planning with a direct interface to the product and order management system.

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Our projects with board

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