Takko Fashion

Case Study

Smarter fashion retailing thanks to category and assortment planning

Staying on course for growth in the fashion market requires not only a high-turnover omni-channel retailer, but also efficient merchandise and article planning. Takko Fashion saw potential for optimization in this area, as planning had previously involved a great deal of manual effort in Excel. However, Takko Fashion did not want to throw its specific planning processes overboard, so it was looking for a new tool that would integrate planning, analysis and reporting in a standardized platform while also providing the flexibility to optimally map its own business processes.

After exploring the market, Takko decided to work with our experts to develop an integrated solution for merchandise and product range planning based on Board. After just three months, the merchandise financial planning solution went live. This was followed by the implementation of assortment planning with a direct interface to order management. Today, the end-to-end solution ensures significantly more efficient merchandise management and assortment planning.

The facts at a glance

Fashion Retail
Category and assortment planning
The existing Excel solution was reaching its limits due to the constant expansion and large number of articles. The company was looking for a new analysis and planning solution that could flexibly map its own business processes.
Development of a Merchandise Financial Planning solution (MFP) within three months. This was followed by the implementation of assortment planning with a direct interface to the product and order management system.

Advantages and benefits

  • Higher data qualityand data consistency
  • More agility and relief for the more than 100 users
  • Reduced susceptibility to errors due to single point of truth
  • Higher automation through the integrated workflow control
  • More detailed planning and simulations
Bernhard Westphal
Bernhard Westphal
Senior Director Planning & Allocation
Takko Fashion
It was amazing how fast the solution with Board was implemented by celver in intensive cooperation with us. We had very specific requirements for the MFP solution and honestly, we were surprised that we already didn't have to plan the next season with Excel.