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Case Study

Resource transparency in real time

Against the backdrop of continuous growth, the management consultancy UNITY put its IT landscape completely to the test. The result of the analysis was that no system was found that completely covered UNITY's process requirements. To ensure efficient corporate management in the future, a new IT architecture with different systems was developed.

In this overall construct, the individual systems are used with their respective strengths. For continuous rolling planning, which is an essential part of corporate management, Board is used in conjunction with Microsoft SQL Server as the central BI platform.

The facts at a glance

Rolling capacity planning
New business processes could no longer be mapped with existing IT systems. New solutions were needed for end-to-end corporate planning.
Orchestrate the appropriate tools for end-to-end processes and build comprehensive capacity planning.

Advantages and benefits

  • Optimal interaction of the systems with the BI platform as master system
  • Active control of the company through integrated planning
  • All parties involved talk about the same data and information and can view it from different perspectives
  • Automation of the main business processes
Christoph Plass
Christoph Plass
Member of the Board
With our new IT architecture, we are now working with state-of-the-art technology and are equipped for the future. The expertise, the broad understanding of our day-to-day business and the technical implementation competence motivated us to realize the project together with the celver consultants.

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