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The constant progress in the digital world and the associated opportunities through new data sources pose a challenge to today's IT architectures. To ensure that these opportunities can be exploited continuously, a smart data architecture is needed with the appropriate analytical services - smart data services.

A smart data architecture can handle structured and semi-structured data and process and store it with classic "night runs" or near-realtime (right-time) integration processes. Nothing is more important than storing volatile data from e.g. machine sensors in a timely manner and having this data available for long-term analyses or predictive maintenance.

The smart data architecture is at the heart of combining classic ERP or CRM data with data from social media channels, for example. This makes it possible to obtain relevant information for business management.

A smart data architecture provides the necessary data basis at the right time, at the right place, in the right level of detail and in a secure state, so that smart services can be used on this basis. These can be use cases for data analytics, planning or artificial intelligence - or ideally all of these combined. Our experts will be happy to support you in the implementation.

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