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Data is the most valuable asset

Every company today is a software company. This is the thesis of Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella regarding the importance of data in today's business world. And indeed, in the course of the digital transformation, the efficient analysis and evaluation of large volumes of data plays a decisive role in the success of a company. The data warehouse plays a key role in this.

In the past, data warehouses were often characterized by rigid structures, expensive hardware and lengthy implementation. This has changed significantly with technological development - especially in the cloud environment. The modern data warehouse is characterized by high flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency. It also enables the integration of different data sources - whether it is internal, external, structured or unstructured data. By using suitable analytics tools, companies thus gain valuable insights and knowledge for data-driven decision-making. Our experts will be happy to support you in tapping the potential of modern data warehouses.

Our services for you

Data Engineering Services

Do you have a major data initiative coming up and need expert support? We can help you with our highly qualified data engineers:

  • Structure of data pipelines
  • Implementation of data transformations
  • Introduction of data engineering deployment processes

Data Strategy Assessment

Is your data too late for your business users? Together with you, we examine your current data architecture and design a target image to meet the needs of your business users again:

  • Conception of modern data warehouses
  • Requirement gathering from specialist departments
  • Use Case Validation for Data Architectures

Data Warehouse Modernization

The integration of new data sources and the preparation of this data means a lot of work for you? We help you to raise your data warehouse to a new level and modernize it:

  • Conception of modern data warehouses
  • Building data warehouses in the cloud
  • Integration of new data sources

Our services for you

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