Linde Engineering

Case Study

Integrated cost center planning meets engineering

The controlling and planning (costs, personnel and capacity) of over 300 cost centers is highly complex. Due to the requirements that have grown with the times, planning with Excel at Linde Engineering had lost much of its dynamism and efficiency.

After an evaluation phase, the plant engineering company therefore decided to introduce Board for cost center planning. Within a very short time, financial controlling was able to productively use the Board solution for top-down planning.

The facts at a glance

Plant engineering
Cost center planning
The planning of over 300 cost centers reached its limits with Excel. A flexible solution was sought that would again create consistency between headcount, capacity and cost planning.
Development of a multidimensional cost center planning, which also enables the simulation of allocations, internal activity allocation and hourly rate costing.

Advantages and benefits

  • Better overview of the cost structure
  • Dynamic simulation models
  • Flexible planning down to the lowest levels of detail
  • Enormous time saving
Levente Boldvai
Levente Boldvai
Head of Controlling Headquarters
Linde Engineering
This newfound flexibility and agility with Board is also reflected in the entire collaboration with celver. From the toolevaluation to the process mapping, which made our special planning requirements transparent in the first place, to the fast and reliable implementation - all this convinced us that we had found the right tool with the right partner.