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Completely new market situations with uncertain delivery routes - today, agility and rapid response are more important than ever. When are which goods in demand and in what quantities? What is the situation with procurement options? How are prices developing? How can I avoid overstocking without suddenly being sold out? And how can I be better prepared overall for unexpected events? Answering these questions is no easy task for assortments with several thousand articles. Manual planning processes based on articles quickly reach their limits here. It's time for innovative solutions that bring light back into the darkness.

Optimized forecasts with artificial intelligence (AI)  

In this context, we rely on automated forecasts that take into account both historical time series and external effects to ensure fast and accurate decisions. For this purpose, we have developed our AI-based forecasting framework. Integrated into the existing planning solution, it provides an ensemble of state-of-the-art forecasting methods and self-learningalgorithms. Enriched with your subject-specific features, different models are trained, compared and evaluated for each individual item. The most plausible result is then automatically suggested. As a subject matter expert, you no longer have to worry about the calculation logic behind it - you only have to evaluate the result itself. Always with the certainty that all relevant information has been incorporated into the forecasting result using the best possible methods.

Our services for you

Professional setup

In a short workshop, we define the technical setup together and address the following questions in particular:

  • What specifically should be forefasted?
  • What are critical demand drivers (external events, prizes, promotions, etc.)?

Data preparation

In consultation with you, we ensure data preparation and thus establish a secure basis for your forecasts.

Outcome evaluation

With our ready-made evaluation dashboards, we jointly assess the results of the forecast and define the necessary measures for productive use.

Our services for you

Christoph Kleine
Head of Business Unit Smart Data Services
celver AG

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