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Case Study

More transparency and accelerated processes

Previously time-consuming data collection and data preparation are no longer an issue for ROBINSON. The integrated reporting and planning solution ensures uncomplicated ad-hoc analyses, uniform standard reporting and efficient planning for the entire company. This saves time, minimizes the error rate and increases the planning quality.

The facts at a glance

Integrated reporting and planning
With the introduction of new hotel software, the previous reporting and planning was also to be updated. Previously, all relevant data was compiled in Excel in a time-consuming manual process in order to subsequently create corresponding reports.
Build an integrated solution that combines both flexible analytics, standard unified reporting, and flexible planning logics in one system.

Advantages and benefits

  • Standardized daily reporting
  • Lower error rate and higher data quality
  • Fast and flexible ad hoc analyses
  • Relevant key figures can be analyzed and planned from different perspectives
  • Decentralized planning supported by defined processes and workflows
  • Central consolidation of decentralized plan entries with just a few mouse clicks
John Louris
John Louris
Head of Controlling Department
The manual preparation and merging of data is no longer an issue today. In contrast, fast and flexible analyses are now possible at any time. All developments are continuously transparent from the most diverse perspectives.